Chapter 4


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February 24, 2011 11:51:36 AM
Just wanted everyone to know that the talk with the surgeon Tuesday, went well. It was not a biopsy. He needs to see what was going on first and now has the biopsy scheduled for Tuesday at 6:00am.

He is the head surgeon at the U of M hospital as well as the VA hospital and he has been specializing in this field for over 16 years. He deals only in ear, nose and throat issues.

He said Paul’s primary Dr., did the right thing by ordering the tests and he was happy that he didn’t try to treat him with antibiotics etc… He will not know exactly what he is facing- until he sees the results from the biopsy. They take a small scope and put it into his throat and take small tissue samples. He did say, that if we wanted his opinion as to what it may be- he would say it is cancer.

Squamous cell cancer.

His left tonsil and the gland on that side of his neck are enlarged. He showed us the CAT scan and the reason for the concern. He was a great guy, he made him feel very secure about what he is facing.

He said it is treatable and curable.

This type of cancer is usually not spread in the whole body, it’s usually isolated. For precautionary reasons, they are doing a scan of his chest today. The surgeon liked that they had already ordered it.

Again- they are not completely sure- until they do the biopsy.

Continued prayers and love are all appreciated… we can feel it- thanks in advance!

Be Blessed,



(This is the email from Paul to me)

Monday, March 7, 2011 11:41 AM

They just called me back and said it is cancer of the tonsil, and needs to be treated with radiation, and chemo. He said my appt tomorrow with oncology dept is to go over the pet scan, and to talk about the treatment. Damm!!




Monday, March 7, 2011 3:09 PM

Hello everyone,

Paul spoke to the surgeon today, and the pathology report came back as cancerous. Not sure any more details at this point- but I am sure we will know more tomorrow.

We meet with the Oncologist tomorrow morning to discuss the treatment options and the results of the Pet CT. The Pet CT Scan- is the test they ran on Thursday. The best way to describe this test is they inject a mild radioactive substance into the system- they described it as sugary- it will adhere to cancer and illuminate it. They then take a series of scans or pictures of the entire body- from the top of his head to about the knee area. The Oncologist will read the scan and determine where the cancer is located, if it has spread- and a best way to treat it.

There are still many questions and at this point- we don’t know anymore… sometimes that helpless feeling is more than you think you can handle… but again- that’s where a person’s faith comes in. My God is at his strongest- when I am at my weakest.

The Doctor he spoke to is the primary surgeon that we spoke to on day one in Ann Arbor. He said the treatment will be radiation and chemotherapy. (That is what he told Paul today… sometimes it’s because of where the cancer is located- and the main reason for opting for this is probably because of reconstruction with it being in his neck/throat)

He also said that he would want to do the treatments in Ann Arbor. I told Paul that we will cross that bridge when we get there. It’s hard to imagine what… where… and how to make it all fit. We had hoped that they would be able to treat him in Reed City- and maybe they still will… so for now- we’ll just keep praying and everything will work out as it should. If we need to make it happen there… then it will happen there… it really is out of our hands anyway- when you think about it.

So my friends- I continue to ask for your prayers, your love and your good thoughts for healing and safe travels.

I’ll talk to you all soon.


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