Chapter 14


Paul Update 5.25.11

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 2:12 PM

Hello Everyone,

Well- It’s been one week since my husband has been home! 🙂 He is coming along nicely… it’s odd to speak of such a strong man in such meek terms… truthfully- it’s really nice to see his progress.

He is still troubled with that thick rope phlegm… but has talked to other patients with the same types of treatment- and they said it’s all part of the deal. He has also asked about starting to re-train his throat, for swallowing?

For those who are joining us late in the game… he is tube fed only right now. He is also taking all liquids in his tube too. Nothing by mouth. So- it’s a process of retraining his body to actually swallow. He tried a few sips of water the other day… and according to other patients, that’s really a good thing. Most of them didn’t try for several weeks or even months after their last radiation treatment.

As I mentioned before- the radiation will continue to work and do it’s thing for some time… so it’s all a process.

He still has the rinses and oral swishes they gave him- plus a new one especially for thrush. Thrush is what babies sometimes get … it’s common with the treatments- and they want to keep an eye on any fungus or oral issues. He will follow up in Ann Arbor on June 1st- then his big appointment, to see if the treatments were successful, is on June 22 or 23rd.

Since he has been home… he has mowed the lawn, cleaned the vehicles, planted strawberries, cleaned up leaves and twigs and burned stuff daily… I think a fire in the pit is therapeutic for him. He does what he can… then he rests. When he rests- he grabs his blanket and climbs on the couch and turns on an Encore Western- he is in his glory.

He does just a little at a time- and when he feels he has had enough, he just rests. I asked him the other day if it was driving him nuts to be at home right now? He said no… I just smiled. I honestly think he has made peace with the temporary limitations and knows when he can and can not push himself.

Because of the radiation, he no longer has to shave… He hasn’t shaved in about 5 weeks. The blisters and peeling on his neck have healed… he is diligent about putting on the aloe and other ointment they gave him.

His voice is still pretty hoarse… so he doesn’t talk much. It comes in spurts… sometimes it’s a whisper and other times it’s gravely sounding. He told Hailey the other day that he can’t wait because when he can talk again… he is going to talk my ear off! (Reminds me of what my Grandma Clara used to say to me… “Denise Ann… Your mouth runs like a whippoorwill’s ass in a windstorm”) I am thinking he will talk like that!

I am grateful that he is home. I get sad at times… It’s hard to see him struggle… It’s hard to watch and to not want to help… I know he is in good hands… God hasn’t left his side… but everyone who knows me knows- I am a good helper! 🙂 It’s not my job… I know… that’s what is hard.

He does some work from home… and has made a few small trips to check on homes… but other than that, he is pretty content to just be at home right now. He text me the other day and said he wasn’t sure how he could explain it to anyone… but he is just really glad that he is home. He never knew it would be this hard to be away. Little by little, he is getting stronger. I can see him doing a bit more daily- then I remind him- it’s just been a week.

Not much else to report- I just know everyone is wanting to know how he is doing. I thank you all for your love and support. He is doing good… and it makes me smile.


Peace and Love,

Denise and Paul

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