Chapter 16

***If you’re just joining the blog, it may be helpful for you to read the first few posts. This is a story about my walk with my husband Paul in his journey with cancer. These are the email updates from 2011 and 2012, that were used to keep everyone in the loop along with some of my own emotions and thoughts.

Paul Update 8.3.11

Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 4:16 PM
Aug 4, 2011

On Sunday we traveled to Kalamazoo to get our Alexa fix… she is our granddaughter… and is (Bampa) Paul’s pride and joy… she makes his heart happy! On Monday morning we left Kzoo and went to Ann Arbor for his petscan appt at 2:00.

When we got to the appointment they asked him if he had any sugar in the past 12 hours and any food in the past 4-8 hours? Well… we had just finished lunch and he was sipping a sweet iced tea. Normally he doesn’t drink sweet tea- but for some reason… he wanted one then… Well- it turns out that the person who scheduled the appointment forgot to mention these prep instructions to him, so- they rescheduled it for the 17th. Ugh…

He then went to his ENT (Ear nose throat) appt and they ran the scope down his throat and looked at things and did another visual assessment. They said it all looks as they would expect. The radiation is still working and that things still look raw and irritated in his throat.

We also learned that it could be a full year before they replace his teeth. She said that they need to make wait for total healing and not have it interfere with anything else. If he got partials now- and it blistered- got irritated… they would immediately wonder about the cause? So… he waits.

He also asked about the peg tube. Can it be taken out now?? Yesterday? Last week? He is really over that… he got another infection- has been on an antibiotic for a few weeks… so he is beyond over it. She said they need to have the results from the petscan first.

Okay- on the way out the door- we decided to turn around and go back to the Nuclear Med dept. and ask if they could schedule a sooner apt. for the Pet Scan. Possibly even the morning?? They had a 8:00 am appointment available- so we booked a room and stayed the night.

He had the test… then the wait began… they told him hopefully someone will call before the end of the day. If not- Paul said he’d call by 2:00ish… No answer and no call back. He also called the next day in the morning- then again in the afternoon around 3:00.

A Dr. called him around 4:00 yesterday and here is what he said…
The treatment worked and the mass went down. The radiation is still working and he will need follow up appointments for the next two years about every six weeks.

My first thought- and Paul’s too- is? Went down?? Not gone? okay… and then- where are the words- remission? Needless to say- there is some confusion with the Dr.’s call. He also forgot to ask about the peg tube… and so he made another call to them this morning to see if he could have a clearer explanation and possibly schedule the removal of the feeding tube.

So- I guess where we stand is this… We believe as they said- that the treatments worked. Bottom line- it’s not what we wanted to hear… but life is about acceptance isn’t it? I believe it’s gone… and until I hear those words.. I ask you all to believe with me.

We are thankful for our friends and family- and appreciate the love and support… and I ask that you continue to pray. Thanks much!!
I am running out of time- and hate to cut this short… but I have to run.

Be Blessed,
Oh- and in case you didn’t know… the picture is Bampa and his precious Alexa! 🙂
Peace and Love,

Denise and Paul


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