Different is okay…

  • Hiya Everyone!This week, I am writing from Florida! Thank you to my nephew Jordan for his generosity, we are spending 8 days in Kissimmee.

    One of the things I realized this week, is that we are all very different. Today, I know that different is okay.
    In some ways it’s not real noticeable, in other ways, it’s extreme.
    While unpacking our groceries, I almost felt the need to defend our purchases! While there were a few grimaces and wide eyes… our food choices were not to far off base.
    We realized right away that Tom and I are the “in between” people! We aren’t totally “real food/clean eaters”, but we also aren’t the average American shopper, either.
    We try to buy organic vegetables and meat, whole grain or sprouted bread, but we also buy creamer for our Starbucks coffee, coconut oil, real butter, sour cream, Greek Yogurt, organic popcorn and sometimes even pizza and Cheetos!
    So sorry for anyone who had an image of me in your mind- I am sure that I totally blew it- right? You probably thought that I ate salads and rabbit food all day, did Yoga, meditated and read spiritual books… Nope. Well, not today, anyway. (Although I did eat an amazing salad at Millers Pub for lunch today!) I have done one Asana Practice in five days… But… I have thought about it a lot- that counts- right?
    Social media allows us to showcase the highlights of our lives and to illustrate through pictures that our lives are so much more than they are.
    So for anyone out there who looks at someone elses life and thinks you know what’s going on… You may want to think again.
    This vacation has included three sick people. (Both cold and flu-like/food posoning symptoms!) Uber eats for smoothies. Cold cut wraps. Burgers. A surprise for me- my daughter and two grandsons, were able to join us! (Thanks again Jordan) Golf for the guys. Homemade pasta and potato salads. Uber eats for Pizza. Hot tub. Dice game. A little sunshine, a couple of nice walks, a good book, several hours of homework. an online class, a bunch of just sitting around chatting and some HGTV!
    Do you want to know what my idea of a perfect vacation is? Sunshine, falling asleep at night with waves in the background, ten minutes of daily sunbathing, five really good books, an umbrella to shield me from the sun so I can read those five really good books… and fresh guacamole. (If you could wave a magic wand and throw in a massage and pedicure- that would be the bomb.)
    You may not know this about me… but, I am not someone who drives when we go on vacation. Rarely do I get behind the wheel when we are out of town… driving in a city, anything larger than Traverse City- scares me. That being said… I love to go on long drives and am the best navigator you could ask for! I have GPS on my phone and will tell you what lane you should be in and how far before your next turn. I am a good co-pilot!
    We love long rides and exploring! We find the best little restaurants and unique places. On this trip, we found the “Historical District” of Kissimmee and a wonderful little Indian Restaurant!
    One of our other favorite things to do is to drive around neighborhoods using the “Realtor App”. We dream of owning a home in every new place that we travel too… it’s our thing.
    (So far, we can’t afford any… not even Sanford- near the airport!) We are amazed at the prices in Florida- 189k for a small simple style ranch home… in a rundown neighborhood!
    So, back to my original point of being different.
    As with any family vacation, people will say or do things that we don’t agree with. Maybe I will correct your child, maybe you will drink the last of the coffee… what ever the real or made up scenerio is… just imagine it now…. Okay- so my made up scenerio was that someone was mad at me.
    I know… hard to believe- right?
    Anyway, I sat for a long time in my head with my imagined version of what they must be thinking… After a little while, I realized that I had better things to do with my time. I honestly don’t know much time I had spent in that negative self talk. It was ridiculous. I imagined their response to my question… the jab… even my comeback to the jab…
    I am human.
    When I realized what I was doing… I made a decision to change. I made a decision to look at the situation with a new lens. Thank God for my 12 step program, it has taught me so much about looking within.
    When I am on guard or taking everything personal… something is wrong… With me.
    A wise woman told me- “Denise, you’re entitled to one asshole per day. If you bump into two, Go look in the mirror, there is always a third!”
    I am usually the problem.
    So.. how do I adjust? How do I not take it personal? What does that look like? Well, I usually try to see things from the other persons perspective and I create a story that allows, me – to not be wounded by the outcome.
    Here are a few examples…
    If I am upset with a contractor for leaving a mess? Or the guy in traffic for cutting me off? Or the waitress who rolls her eyes? I imagine them speeding home to meet the school bus, or to take care of a sick child. I imagine them just getting bad news about a loved one. I imagine her just getting yelled at by her boss or another patron… In short? I show the person- Grace.
    Grace is the easiest way to realign my head. It’s the easiest way to remove my old hurts from any scenario and to be a better human.
    Also… Being different is okay.
    We are all different.
    We communicate different.
    We eat different foods.
    My normal looks different from your normal.
    We all had different upbringings, so its normal to not be the same.
    And you know what? It’s all good. There isn’t a right way. There isn’t a wrong way. It’s all good…
    Different is okay today, I don’t need to swing everyone to my thinking, I don’t need to convince you that my toast is better, and I don’t care what laundry soap you use. If roller coasters and big water parks are your jam, party on. If you drink your tea sweet, I guess that’s okay too.
    There is a place for each of us. Period. I won’t take it personally if you don’t like mornings. I will use earplugs if you’re a night owl. I will order my own pizza- without pineapple, and I will pop popcorn on the stove for anyone who wants to join me.
    If you’re struggling to find what works for you, that’s okay too. Sometimes our normal no longer suits us. Sometimes we need to see what works for someone else and try that on for size. That has been the best way for me to grow and to change… I watch what works for you- then I adapt it to work for me. How am I ever supposed to know it’s possible? If I don’t see it in action? Thank you for allowing me to see you. I appreciate your vulnerability.
    Until next time… Breathe Deeply. You got this.


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