No more BFF’s

Hiya Everyone,

This past week, my 3.5 yr old grandson came from Nebraska with his family for the Holiday. My husband Tom commented to him about something and followed it up with, “Because we’re best friends, right?” To our surprise, Hudson replied, “No GT, there is no such thing as best friends, we are all just friends now.”

You could just feel GT’s disappointment. “What? Why can’t we be best friends anymore?” Hudson explained in the best way that he could, that we are all just equal. We all deserve to be friends. All of us. He said we should all be just friends, like Jesus wants us to be.

Wow. What a beautiful and simple concept.

That being said, I am still not so sure how I feel about this new shift. I understand the concept, it’s about including everyone, making sure nobody is left out, helping everyone to feel like they have a place.

I get it.

BUT… I am a little sad that we have to teach our kids that they can’t have best friends, to prove this point.

My mind races to a hundred topics. I know in my heart that it’s all about fostering a good moral standard and as children, nobody wants to feel left out. I know this… but I am being honest when I say I don’t know why… it still doesn’t sit well.

I had a talk with my sponsor the other day. As she sometimes does, she brought our conversation back to me. She asked. “Why does this concern you?” I responded that I wasn’t sure that I was concerned, just trying to fill her in on my life. I explained that I didn’t feel like I had to fix anyone or anything, I just wanted to give her some insight on what was happening. (Not about my grandson)

She then pointed out that I had taken the time to call her, talk at length about a situation… and she wondered why I felt, the need? I told her I just wanted to chat. I told her that I wanted another perspective on my thoughts.

She asked, “Why does it have to be one way or the other? Why can’t it be okay both ways?”


In so many ways in my life, I like things to be one way or the other. I like things to be black or white. I like to believe that I live in the gray area… but in reality, I crave the absolute. I want to know right or wrong.

She has been gently leading me out of this for a few years.

I am willing to listen… and I am willing to grow. I know that my need for rules was always a way for me to feel safe in the beginning of my recovery. If I could predict the outcome, or know what was going to happen next… I could feel safe. I could feel like I was okay.

News flash… I am okay with spontaneity too. I can be flexible… I am flexible. My mind will try over and over to make me believe that there is just one way.

The truth is, there are many ways.

My security is not based upon the narrow path of rules and direction. I grow when I am challenged and I find my strengths when I am willing to step off the predictable path.

Sometimes I feel like we all crave acceptance so much that we are just going through the motions of the day. I feel like we are all just busy bodies who stumble over one another to prove that “we get it” or that “we are right”.

follow the masses

What if my grandson is right?

What if… the simplicity of a 3.5 year old… is where we should be? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to categorize things and compete. Maybe it’s time to just believe a different way? Maybe it’s time to just find another truth.


I am so thankful for the wise people who have crossed my path. I am grateful for the willingness to change my path.









I believe with everyone having a platform on social media and a soapbox, we all feel pretty sure that our way is the only way. Or the right way. We have become such wounded beings that we feel every little injustice, needs a voice. Remember the old days? When we could give someone a break? Remember when we could just shrug off a bad meal or a bad experience at a store?

I miss those days.

Life is about choices. It’s about noticing the details and adjusting as we go.

And… because there aren’t any bff’s anymore… I think I will just adapt.

Until next time Peeps~ Peace and Love!

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